Where can I find a Cosmetic Dentist in O’Fallon?

If you want a simple solution to hide an array of dental imperfections, the cosmetic dentist in O’Fallon has an answer for you – dental veneers. Dr. Paul Burns uses veneers to enhance the appearance of a single or multiple front teeth and improve the look of your smile. As a leading cosmetic dentist, he has used veneers successfully for many years to improve the look of the teeth, create a winning smile, and restore confidence in scores of his patients. And it is a very simple process that results in dramatic changes. You don’t have to make a long-term commitment to get a long-term benefit. Veneers are among the most popular ways to achieve a beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Dentist in O’Fallon

As your cosmetic dentist in O’Fallon, Dr. Burns examines your mouth to determine if you are a candidate for veneers. They do very well masking misaligned, discolored, chipped, or broken teeth. Even small gaps between your teeth can be fixed with veneers. With little preparation, these thin, porcelain facings are placed over the fronts of your natural teeth. Once they are bonded, they are strong and durable and blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. They are stain resistant and can last a long time with proper care. Dr. Burns has years of experience working with veneers and has many satisfied patients who now smile broadly and proudly.

In addition to the fine work of the cosmetic dentist in O’Fallon to improve the appearance of your smile, Dr. Burns offers a wide range of dental services. He emphasizes preventive dental care and carefully instructs his patients – young and adult – how to develop and maintain a proper oral health regime at home. He also is quite adept at replacing or restoring missing teeth. Using a variety of treatment modalities, including and dentures, Dr. Burns can help you reestablish a complete and beautiful smile. He also provides emergency dentistry if there if ever a need. It’s important to have a plan in place in the event of a dental emergency. So whether you are looking to improve your smile and boost your self-confidence, or have any other dental concerns, Dr. Burns can address them all for you and your family.

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